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Less than 6 miles north west of the town of Honey Harbour is the water access only region known as Cognashene. While some may think it is an actual town it is in fact an area of the Georgian Bay coastal waterways renowned for splendid recreational waterfront properties. The area runs from Tomahawk Island in the south to just north of Cognashene Point in the north and includes the Bone Island Basin.

Even though an aerial view of the area (as depicted on Google Maps) will reveal lots of land, the supply of recreational real estate is limited as the large tract of the mainland to the north is the Cognashene Nature Preserve.

For many cottagers and boaters Cognashene is the region that designates the start of the open waters passageway that leads up to Go Home Bay, 12 Mile Bay, Sans Souci, Parry Sound and points north. Cottagers started to settle the area over 120 years ago.

All of the cottages within this portion of the 30,000 islands archipelago are water access only. The only access to Georgian Bay between Honey Harbour and Parry Sound is at 12 Mile Bay Road.

Hydro and phone service most all of this area which is rich in Canadian Shield topography. With Honey Harbour its numerous marinas, resorts, golf courses and shopping establishments just a short boat ride away to the south means that having a Cognashene waterfront cottage can make for an excellent Georgian Bay retreat well suited to fun and relaxation. There is a very active Cognashene Cottagers’ Association click here with excellent Children’s recreational programs, social events, art show, regatta and a non-denominational Church.

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