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Halfway up the inter-coastal waterway of eastern Georgian Bay, between Honey Harbour to the south and 12 Mile Bay to the north, is the recreational real estate enclave of Go Home Bay.

Cottaging in this area first started in 1898 and was restricted to University of Toronto members. They acquired large tracts of land under the banner of the Madawaska Club click here, which currently owns over 1600 acres of undeveloped land nature preserve in the Go Home Bay area (stretching from north of The Hang Dog Channel by Cognashene in the South to Indian Harbour in the North). The Madawaska Club has since lifted its U of T exclusivity and is actively involved in maintaining a community plan that addresses the future needs of this region.

Recreational properties in the Go Home Bay district are water access only with the nearest land access connections being King Bay Marina to the north and the numerous marinas to the south in Honey Harbour.

For many cottagers this portion of the 30,000 islands archipelago offers greater privacy owing to large properties with hundreds of feet of shoreline and acres of land. Look at an aerial view on Google Map and one can see there is a limited supply of Go Home Bay cottages and how it is indeed a secluded recreational retreat.

Having Go Home Bay’s historical roots connected to the Madawaska Club’s origin the exclusive nature embodies waterfront real estate properties: limited access, surrounded by nature preserves and a strong Community set on preservation. The Club is open to new Cottagers who may wish to enjoy the Library, social programs, regatta, etc.

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